Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hibernate Team Posted Several Batoo JPA vs Hibernate Benchmarks - Proving Batoo Is Fast

Well, a short while ago the Batoo JPA was announced on In parallel an article was published on Both sites created a very good attention. has become the host Hibernate team posted benchmarks that provided evidence in favor of their new competition.

As expected, Hibernate Team was so much surprised to see a product as in the same league as their product comes along with a bold promise - Over 15 times faster then Hibernate.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Batoo JPA Released!

The New JPA 2.0 Implementation, +15x Faster Than The Leading JPA Provider!

I loved the JPA 1.0 back in early 2000s. I started using it together with EJB 3.0 even before the stable releases. I loved it so much that I contributed bits and parts for JBoss 3.x implementations.
Those were the days our company was considerably still small in size. Creating new features and applications were more priority than the performance, because there were a lot of ideas that we have and we needed to develop and market those as fast as we can. Now, we no longer needed to write tedious and error prone xml descriptions for the data model and deployment descriptors. Nor we needed to use the curse called “XDoclet”.