Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking For Experienced Top Notch Java Developers

Batoo is looking for talented individuals for its projects.

To join a startup where Turkey's most talented open source developers will join, please send your resume to

For the role and expected qualifications please see the details...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top 10 Hot Mobile Trends for 2011

The world is going mobile. In 2010, we saw some major jumps in terms of mobile development, including the explosion of the Android operating system, the introduction of the iPad and an increased rate of internet access via smartphones. In 2011, we can expect to see even more of a shift towards the mobile realm, as more consumers access the internet while on the go. By 2011, more than 85 percent of the handsets shipped globally are expected to include a browser, which means a major percentage of phone users will be accessing the web through mobile means.

Java tops list of software skills in demand: employer survey

Demand is hottest this year for Java developers, new survey of 1,200 hiring managers shows.
The folks at Dice just issued their latest findings based on data compiled from nearly 1,200 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters, and Java developers are the top priority.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Love Unity You Love Eclipse, A Love Triangle

You love unity you love eclipse, opps that's a a love triangle isn't it. Expect some conflict...
I have been using eclipse for about ten years, in fact I love the technologies it has most people never heard of or used, like EMF, Teneo, RAP. I developed a number of eclipse plugins, did a whole project using eclipse technologies discarding J2EE altogether. So I love it *almost* as much as I love my wife.

On the other hand I was a keen KDE user for a long time. But change is always good. And recently I had been seeing this person here, that person there using the kid on the block - unity desktop thanks to ubuntu.

A Maven Based Solution Towards J2EE Standardization
By reading this post, you should already know that "WORA - Write Once Run Anywhere" motto of Java has today become "WODE - Write Once Debug Everywhere"

You all know J2EE has to be based on standards and unless you have the option to push or use the application server of your choice, you will always run into portability issues.

Recently I have been asked to port a currently-running-on-websphere application to JBoss. An guess what, had to spend considerable amount of time in every detail. This is thanks to a non-standard JNDI approach of J2EE, which still appears to be an issue with J2EE 6.

Due to fact that putting convention over configurationmaven has already run into hundreds of problems, which thanks to its highly modular design somehow survived with a solution. This time the solution came from resources plugin.

Amazon EC2 to Blogger

Dear All,

Due to the data loss in Amazon Ireland back in the summer, I decided to move my blog to a more professional service.

Unfortunately, Amazon EC2 has also corrupted my backup data, in other words a 5 years of blogging  has been lost.

While this suggests never give up on conventional data back-up methods, shame on you Amazon!

Thank you for your understanding...