Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking For Experienced Top Notch Java Developers

Batoo is looking for talented individuals for its projects.

To join a startup where Turkey's most talented open source developers will join, please send your resume to

For the role and expected qualifications please see the details...

Senior Open Source Developer  ( x 3 )

  • To develop and maintain customer projects,
  • Provide unit tests, documentation, wiki,
  • Follow up emerging new technologies especially in the Java SE, Java EE, Linux,
  • Offer improvements to SD Processes and Management,
  • Collaborate with others and contribute to total organization Know-How.


Not Required
  • You do not have to be University Graduate, although having attended a reputable university in Engineering is a plus on selection, those who have considerable proof of a-good-coder, will have no disadvantage.
  • You do not have to be competent on J2EE technologies and frameworks, we use new approaches to how next generation software projects should be. We believe existing Web and J2EE technologies had their time an it is time to move on.
  • You do not need to live close to Office Location. We take advantage of online work with flexible working hours. We think, time spent on the road is waste of time and today's technologies give us all the opportunities to work as if sitting next to each other.
  • Exposure to global popular open source java projects,
  • Awareness of best practices in Software Development, 
  • Ability to write / speak English fluently,
  • Linux / Unix literacy,
  • Self starter / fast learner,
  • Team player, ambitious and proactive.
  • Last but not the least (in fact should be the first) being quality oriented!
Nice To Have
  • Good, having contributed to existing reputable open source projects
  • Very Good, being or having been a committer on an open source project
  • Excellent,  having an open source project released to community
Must not have
  • Prejudications!
  • "My name is Hıdır, that's the way I do it" (Figured it out? :)
  • Bleeding edge work environment
    • not desks but the best laptops available in the market
    • not beautiful pictures on the wall but superb social environment
    • not having to stay in the office for late hours, we value you have a social life
  • Access to Learn / Use / Share Bleeding Edge Technologies
    • We encourage the new ideas and bringing in what's new. More information never hurts.
  • To Share the Air with the top notch or wanna-be open source developers.
  • Company Shares for Early Birdies (*)

Welcome on board..!

All applicants will be responded with-in an appropriate time frame

(*) conditions apply...

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